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Warm paint colours for winter

Winter colours

Mustard yellows are a great option in winter as they are not too intense but still create the feeling of the sun’s warmth.

We can say goodbye to summer and daylight savings and hello to winter. Often winter means trying to find ways to keep warm and cosy and preventing the coolness of the winter’s day creeping into our homes. Being cosy isn’t just about turning on the fire and hiding under some blankets, by choosing the right colours we can keep warmth in our homes.

Paint it on the walls

Think not only about the colour itself but undertones that the colour may hold. Blues and whites make us think of crisp white snow and icy blue skies give us an illusion of a cold chilled space. Yellows give warm undertones and can bring vibrancy and f orange and red bring similar characteristics. A bright red, orange or yellow maybe too bold but used within brown it can denote warmth and brings a comforting cosiness. If you are partial to white then try to soften it down by using creamy whites and beiges and avoid the stark and cooler undertone of linen white.

It isn’t always about trying to lighten the space. Warm dark mauves, moody purples, deep ocean blues and shimmering metallics are great way of creating an ambience which isn’t achievable when using lighter colours. Paired with vibrant accessories and good lighting these colours great a sophisticated background that bring the room to life.

Many of us love the versatility of grey but we also know that it can bring about a sense of cool and an industrial feel. There are some warmer greys on the spectrum which are perfect as a winter alternative and you will find that they have a wee bit of a yellow or brown undertone. Pair these greys with the oh so fashionable mustard yellow and you will feel the heat being turned on. Mustard yellows are a great option in winter as they are not too intense but still create the feeling of the sun’s warmth.

Think beyond the paint

It is an unrealistic expectation to think that you might change the colour of your walls each season but what maybe more realistic is to change up your accessories. By changing and adding in a few things you can create a whole new feel to your space. Think about winter clothing fashion, it is all about layering, it is the same for your home. Firstly, bring in the throws, don’t be shy, who doesn’t love snuggling up with a blanket! Layer your couch or bed with throws and blankets. Mix and match soft shades and textures such as tartan, wool and velvet. Switch your cushion covers to faux fur and wool fabrics. Add sheep skins and deer hides on the floor or over beds to bring in another layer of warmth and pile your winter reading list on deep wood trunks. Carefully placed candles and lamps add extra light that the sun no longer provides. Tealight candles can be placed in old jars and other knick-knacks for cost effective ambience.

An easy way to create a warm winter ambience is to add in so new art. You could do this cheaply yourself by painting some ready-stretched canvasses in seasonal shades, recreating them easily as you feel you want to. Moving from fresh to dried flowers in the winter help to keep an organic element to the room. Try bunches of dried lavender or hydrangeas bundled into jars or strung upside down. All to do now is to pull the curtains, switch on the lamp and snuggle down with your favourite book.

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