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Painting & Decorating Tips

A selection of articles to help with all your decisions around painting and decorating your home or business.

Time to paint the roof?

roof need repainting

Are you at the point where it is time to stop delaying the inevitable and paint the roof? You may be wondering what signs signify the time has come.

Trends for Exterior Materials and Colours.

When your canvas is literally “as big as a house” you need to make sure that your choice of paint colours are right.

Warm paint colours for winter

Winter painting

Being cosy isn’t just about turning on the fire and hiding under some blankets, by choosing the right colours we can keep warmth in our homes.

How Often Should You Paint Your Home?

Repainting your house

While there isn’t a set time frame for when to repaint your home it is important to continuously assess the condition of your paint, looking for chips, cracking, peeling and flaking.

How to Safely Remove Lead Paint

removing lead paint with scraper

Well maintained coats of lead paint do not cause an enormous risk, when it starts to flake or dust, the risk becomes more acute.

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